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The perfect paint color.

Source: illuminationbycindy.blogspot.com

Source: illuminationbycindy.blogspot.com


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I found this great DIY transformation from dated to chic.  For more pictures, go here.

I just think it is so cute!

Source: classyclutter.net

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Source: Houzz

One large source of social controversy all around the world is graffiti.  Traveling from city to city you see it everywhere.  It is accepted as an urban artistic expression but viewed as property vandalism and is completely condemned.

Source: Elle Decor

But what happens when graffiti is taken off the streets and applied to interiors and thus, used in a totally different application?  Here are some highly creative ways graffiti can be applied in a more “accepted” way.

Source: artist Reyes

Source: artist Reyes

Source: Ethan Allen

Source: hotel au vieux panier by Tilt

These artists truly are very talented.  I love the vibrant and modern feel the freeform art brings to a room!  And how cool is this furniture below?

Source: designers Burke and Hazelden

Source: Luis Alicandu

Source: Luis Alicandu

I wil add some fun pictures I took of a skate park in London this summer….

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Source: Real Simple

Ahh I love fall time!  There is just something about the crisp morning air and the warm colors on the trees that just gets me, and I know I’m not alone here.  The leaves changing start to bring about the feeling of coziness that has been missing all summer.

Fall inspired color schemes are really starting to pop up everywhere!  Some colors with that “fall vibe” are coppery reds, pumpkins, burnt yellows, forest greens, and chocolaty browns.  If selecting a paint or accent color from these, be aware of the feeling you are trying to create…

Source: Design Seeds

Design Seeds

Red can be a strong color that evokes energy, but with such a wide range of tones (from cherry, to crimson, to wine) there are lots of options to incorporate the color into any space.   There are tones that you can even be comfortable with year-round.

Source: nedesignbuildcom

A burnt Orange can be warming but a more vibrant shade can be super modern and lively.

Source: BHG

Forest Green is a great way to create an outdoorsy feeling and if accented with other warm fall color will create a “homey” feel as well.

Design by Lauren Racowsky

If a more neutral color is desired for a main color, warm or rich brown will evoke a natural feel of wood or stone.

Source: creamylife.com

A strong note I will make is, do not feel obligated to use all these wonderful fall colors in only one space; Doing this will actually feel very chaotic.  There is a 3 color max rule for interior design and yes, this includes your neutral!

Source: Country Living

A way to incorporate these colors is to use them throughout the whole house or floor , and to add hints of the color in accents to create a smooth transition between rooms.  Adding pillows on the sofa and candles on the fireplace mantle, and then artwork on the dining room wall, and a rug in another room is how to create flow in color.

Source: BHG

I hope this guide helps you to create the feeling of whichever aspect of fall you are trying to evoke in your home, whether it be the falling leaves, a forest stroll, or a harvest celebration.


So what is your favorite time of year?  Does it inspire your color palette?

If you need help defining the color scheme in your own home, contact me!

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Source: emmas.blogg.se

I know I have posted about artwork and how to hang it in a gallery before (check it out here), but can you create an interesting look with just a frame?  Ah I love the whiteout look above!

Source: Benjamin Moore- Sharkskin

Here are some cool and quirky ways to hang… frames.  What a unique look.

Source: Apartment Therapy

Source: Martha Stewart

Source: Benjamin Moore- Stormy Monday 2112-50 and Pewter 2121-30

Or do they feel empty to you?

I love the bright colors!  These would be gorgeous in a white or neutral room.

Source: Etsy

Source: Etsy

If you need help creating this look or tackling any other design project, contact me!

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Source: furnituresite.com

I love these fabulous pink painted (and upholstered) products!

Source: frenchboutique.com

Source: myremodelinghomes.com

Source: Usona Home

Source: Ethan Allen, raspberry moroccan accent table

The accent table above looks more red than it truely is, I promise!

This library below is amazing.  Very creative way to layer the artwork in front of the bookcase.

Source: homeanddecor.net

Source: homeanddecor.net

Source: homeanddecor.net

And this pink chair frame is adorable!  I found it here: http://www.fabulouskblog.com/2011/04/decorating-my-place-pink-chair.html

If my boyfriend would let me have a hot pink painted console I would be the happiest woman on Earth!  Okay, maybe that was a little dramatic, but it would be cute. 

Source: Heaven and Home- pink parsons desk

Of course I love other colors too, but how striking are these?  Especially with the royal blue!

If you need help creating these looks or tackling any other project feel free to contact me!

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Revere Pewter HC-172

I just love the new article that Benjamin Moore posted on the “Color Chats” page about grey paint!  “Fifty Shades of Gray” by Michelle Zakko shows ONLY a select 50 examples of their 232 shades of grey paint colors.  I love the photos and the refrences are a helpful tool for visualizing color options.

dior gray 2133-40

Amherst Gray HC-167

edgecomb gray

Read the article here and see all the 50 pictures here: http://www.colorchats.com/2012/06/fifty-shades-of-gray-paint/

rockport gray HC-105

What is your favorite shade of grey?

Gray Owl 2137-60

If you need help selecting the perfect shade of grey (or any other color) for your own project, feel free to contact me!

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