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Source: Casa Sugar

I recently had a client come to me who needs help designing the family room in her new condo.  Kim has just turned 28, started a new government job, and feels like it is finally time to buy some “big girl furniture” and to get rid of the ol’ Ikea and college hand-me-down junk.

Designed by Julien Macdonald for Graham & Brown

I decided to post about this project because Kim and I have a very similar aesthetic and I really connected with what she has envisioned- “mature”, “sophisticated”, and “elegant” were the three words she said when I asked her to describe what she had envisioned.  In other words, she likes a feminine yet refined look with a modern twist.

Design by Lauren Racowsky

Designed by Lauren Racowsky

(I want to point out that she did not want the TV to be the focal point in the room.)

Kim’s Famly Room floor plan

I just love taking traditional pieces but updating them with a modern and graphic fabric and bold paint!

Source: Ethan Allen

I achieved this look by combining clean modern pieces and dark woods with accents (like the floor lamp) that have a more organic shape.

Source: tables and accents-Ethan Allen, sofa-Holly Hunt, chair- Jaxon Home, rug- Fabrica, paint- Ben Moore

What’s your take on modern meets traditional?

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