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Who was Dorothy Draper??  Well, in 1923, she was the first person to actually establish an interior design company, thus making it a true profession!  How cool?

Source: dorothydraper.com

As a true “Interior Designer”, she made huge strides in the field and broke through what was considered safe and common at the time.  She was known to pair uncommon colors and print together, her motto? “If it looks right, it is right”.  (dorothydraper.com)

Source: dorothydraper.com -Greenbrier

Source: .dorothydraper.com- Greenroom

I love her use of bold contrast in color and prints!

Just a few of her largest and most well know project include the restaurant at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, nicknamed “The Dorotheum”, the Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia, and the Camellia House, Drake Hotel in Chicago.

Source: dorothydraper.com -Greenbrier

Benjamin Moore even came up with a Dorothy Draper color palette and several famous designers such as Jonathan Adler and Kelly Wearstler have done design projects in ode to her as well.

Spurce: hayancafe.blogspot.com -Kelly Wearstler

Source: hayancafe.blogspot.com- Jonathan Adler

Source: hayancafe.blogspot.com

I wonder, what would the design world be like without Dorothy Draper?  Would we be living in boring little tone-on-tone boxes?

If you need help designing your own Dorothy Draper inspired room, contact me!


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Source: casasugar

I was feeling a little “edgy” today and decided to search for some “punk rock” influenced pieces.

Source: luxurysofas.net, Chesterfield Sofa

Source: topdesigners.info

Source: designer Lee Broom

Source: crafthaus.ning.com

Source: designer Blackman Cruz, Metal Safe

I love the look of leather, bold contrast in color, exaggerated tufting, and studded pieces- this definitely defines “edgy” to me!

Source: Ddesigner Lee Broom

Source: eclectichome.net

What do you think?

If you need help creating this look of your own, contact me!

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Source: ruemag.com

Black is a color that just never seems to go out of style.  Just like that “little black dress” that has been in your closet forever and can be worn for any occasion, black in interiors can feel timeless, classic, or a little bit daring.

Source: Horchow

Source: HGTV

Source: caldwellflake.com

Whether you add black as a dramatic paint color or infuse it in accents, you are sure to have an elegant and timeless product!

Source: Benjamin Moore

Source: Martha Stewart

What do you think?  Timeless or not?

Need help using black in your space?  Contact me!

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Source: Eva designs

Lately I have found myself totally drawn to all things lace.  I am not quite sure where this new infatuation has come from but I completely love lace!  For example, I had to buy this gorgeous dress from Lily Boutique (it was only $60!)

Source: lilyboutique.com

Lace is typically considered very traditional but I have actually found some very modern applications of it!  Here are some stunning rooms that use lace as an elegant design element.

Source: royalmansour.com

Source: tendir.com

Source: zainteriora.net

And the wallpaper is available in white too!

Source: zainteriora.net

These products are just so delicate looking!

Source: Paso Doble wallpaper designed by Elitis Wallpaper

Source: Luxury Idea

Source: Rug designed by Laura Bielecki

Source: Designers Anna-Katriina Tilli and Mari Relander

And by the way, I love all of these!

Source: Marie Claire (shoe on left- Guess, shoe on right- Giorgio Armani, clutch- J.Crew)
Read more: Lacy Accessories – Lace Shoes and Bags – Marie Claire

Source: nymag.com

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