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Fun Fact:  My Mom is British!  As a result, I have a lot of family across The Pond in England and in other parts of Europe; this definitely makes for a great excuse for me to travel!  So today, I wanted to share with you how amazing my Mom’s youngest sister is, Aunt Lizzie.  She lives and works in Provence, France and runs a furniture restorative business out of a charming studio that she renovated herself.  How amazing would it be to paint and restore furniture and teach Annie Sloan chalk painting classesall day long?  Sounds so dreamy.

Well, I received an article in my inbox yesterday that was written by European blog team Hannah and Denise from Layer about Aunt Lizzie (Liz) and I couldn’t resist bragging and sharing the interview with you.

Source: Layerhome.com

Source: Layerhome.com


Walking through the beautiful hilltop village of Menerbes in Provence on a scorching hot Saturday, we fell in love with the quiet streets, beautiful rustic houses and a view that seemed to stretch forever. Just when it seemed as though the day couldn’t get much better, we stumbled upon Atelier de Couleurs – a veritable treasure trove of authentic French furniture, restored and painted by British artist Liz Wyatt. Not only was the shopfront cool and perfectly styled, but the shop extended back into an airy cave-like artist’s studio where Liz does all of the restoration onsite. Liz’s natural artistic abilities mean that the painting of the pieces is done to a calibre that we have rarely ever seen before. This is French antique country furniture at its very pinnacle.

Sometimes life intervenes like this, we stumbled in and ended up talking and talking with Liz about the beautiful pieces in the shop and how she lovingly sources and restores them and it seemed that before we had even realised it, we were interviewing her!

And you want to know the very best thing about Atelier de Couleurs? She has a man with a van who frequently delivers to the UK! So if you can’t justify hopping on a plane to visit, you can still get your hands on some of her beautiful French antique furniture.

Source: Layerhome.com

Source: Layerhome.com

How did you end up working and owning a business in France?

Fate and destiny. I fell in love with Provence, renovated an old cherry barn near Bonnieux and afterwards hunted for a painting studio –  by chance the Atelier in Menerbes came on the market and after renovation became my show room and  painting studio. Apart from being stunningly beautiful Menerbes has a long artistic history – Picasso, Nicolas de Stael and Dora Marr, amongst others, have lived and worked here and today there are a number of artists and musicians who are based in the village

How did you get started trading antiques and furniture?

This area is rich in wonderful old Provencal furniture – but it’s often rather over-charged, brown and shiny! It has taken over a year to build up a network of contacts – dealers, traders and private individuals and it’s work in progress – here, as everywhere it’s contacts! Sourcing the right piece of furniture become intuitive although there are many watch points – the main thing is always buy the best you can and then take it to another level.

Are you a trained artist or are you self taught?

I was born with a paint brush in my hand – my Mother was an enthusiastic painter, my brother is an architect and family outings always included easels, palettes, oil paints and a picnic.

I took art at A level but side-tracked into fashion journalism. My inner artist developed when I discovered furniture painting 10 years ago – now it is a complete passion. Colour, shape, form, the possibility of a metamorphosis – taking a tired old armoire and transforming it into a wonderful painted piece really excites me.

Who is a typical client?

Clients range from celebrities to private individuals who want an old family piece painted. I have a great deal of clients who have second homes here or live here year-round and I am lucky to have plenty of commissions too.

How has your buying style evolved?

My buying style is something which has unconsciously evolved – you learn along the way and now I look for unusual, different pieces for my showroom. I also buy for clients and then paint to their color specification but whatever the piece I try to make it as original as possible.

Source: Layerhome.com

Source: Layerhome.com

Do you ever keep your favourite pieces for yourself?

I try very very hard not to keep special things for myself and at times have failed miserably – the guilt is terrible! I have the most beautiful Trudeau mirror which I repainted for the showroom but for some reason it has not moved from my house – yet!

What is your favourite piece for sale at the moment?

I have just sold my favorite armoire of all time! I painted it from scratch, it was a very tired 18th Century Norman marriage armoire – battered and bruised and in a bit of a mess. I hope I have restored it to its former glory!

What do you do when you’re not working?

When I am not working I am painting and furniture hunting – the pleasure is endless and I don’t think of what I do as a job! But it is easy to enjoy the wonderful things to do here in Provence – ice cold rosé, fab food, breathtaking views and good long walks – music, film and of course friends.

What is your own home style like?

My home style is eclectic – a mix of of classic pieces with contemporary moments but if I am honest I am strangely classic!

What’s the most rewarding thing about running your own business?

The best and most joyful thing about running my own business is there are no constraints – I feel free to do my own thing.

Liz works with natural ocre pigment and Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan. She runs furniture painting courses with her business associate,  Monique Le Coq, at the studio.
Contact: Atelier de Couleurs, Rue Maupas, Menerbes, Provence. 84560.
Telephone:  0033 (0) 490 72 45 59 Mobile: 0033(0) 647 57 08 59

Please visit Layer’s website and check out the original post at layerhome.com, there many more interesting interviews and articles on design to read!

Source: Atelier de Couleurs.  English pine console table with fine brass handles

Source: Atelier de Couleurs. English pine console table with fine brass handles

Source: Atelier de Couleurs.      Base detail of repro 1980's table, gilded and painted for a neo classical look.

Source: Atelier de Couleurs. Base detail of repro 1980’s table, gilded and painted for a neo classical look.

I also borrowed some pictures of Liz’s work from Atelier de Couleurs’s website.

Source: Atelier de Couleurs.     Studio

Source: Atelier de Couleurs. Studio

Source: Atelier de Couleurs.   1890's carved oak mirror

Source: Atelier de Couleurs. 1890’s carved oak mirror

Source: Atelier de Couleurs.     Aged terracotta garden pot with three painted side tables.

Source: Atelier de Couleurs. Aged terracotta garden pot with three painted side tables.

I think after reading this, I might just pack up my bags and move to Menerbes to work with Lizzie!  But realistically, I have not been to France yet to visit but I would love to within the next year or so.

If you could paint and redesign your favorite piece of furniture, what would it be and what would it look it?  Share your thoughts with us!


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Source: Dkor Interiors Blue Agate Walls

Source: Dkor Interiors Blue Agate Walls

I have noticed an abundance lately of agate accessories!  These really take me back to my childhood growing up in Tucson, AZ when my family would take trips to museums and I would always be mesmerized by the little gems in the gift shops.  The different shapes, colors, and shimmers really caught my attention, “isn’t Nature amazing?” my mom always say.

Source: West Elm

Source: West Elm

Needless to say, I am really excited that these geological rocks have emerged from the Science classrooms into our homes!  Not only do they add some color, but can be functional as well!  Take a look…

Source: Willy Daro

Source: Willy Daro

Source: Zgallerie

Source: Zgallerie

Source: HSN

Source: HSN

Source: West Elm

Source: West Elm

Source: Coco Kelley lamps

Source: Coco Kelley lamps

Source: Taylor Llorente, bronze agate tables

Source: Taylor Llorente, bronze agate tables

How would bring agates into your home?

If you need help accessorizing your own home, or adding a touch of color, contact me!

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As the 2012 London Summer Olympics come to a close this weekend, I felt it appropriate to honor the athletes who brought us home the gold…in my own way!

Source: Designer Jona Collins

Source: Design Within Reach

Source: Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

Source: Hazelnut New Orleans

Source: Horne

Source: Clayton Gray Home

Source: Designer Nora Schneider

Source: The Future Perfect

Source: Anthropologie

If you need help creating this look or tackling another design project, contact me!

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Before I head out to London this evening, I want to leave you with this… see you after the 4th!

Source: Decor Pad

The Greek Key motif, a classic and historical motif.  Its geometric and modern, and it can be use in formal or casual designs.  Its so versitile!

Source: Johnathan Adler

I recently I have been incorporating a lot of geometric patterns into some of my designs, maybe because several of my newer clients are younger and prefer a more modern vibe over traditional?  Or maybe these projects are more casual than formal?  But I have also used this element in formal living rooms- So is there a way to define the Greek Key?

Source: Casa Cole

Source: Decor Pad

Source: Jill Sorensen bedding

Source: Lamps Plus

Source: Trivetts Furniture

Anyway, a Greek Key pattern is a fun way to spice up room,take a look:

Source: Jill Rosenwald

What is your favorite use of this fun pattern?

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