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Source: Widjita Raya- “Rain with Love”

And the final countdown to my London trip is underway… 7 days until takeoff!

Which then leads me to preparing for 5 days of straight rain (according to weather.com) in the middle of the Summer.  But no need to despair…here are some fun rain-inspired design ideas to help lift up that rainy day gloom.

Source: Etsy- Eloise Renouf

Source: Tamado Shimizu- “Cloud Silver Rain lamp”

Source: Paradigm Interior Design

Source: Paradigm Interior Design

Source: Lacava

This chandelier below is gorgeous!

Source: zainteriora.net- “Rain Chandelier”

And I love this art installation by Steven Haulenbeek called “Cumulous Light Canopy”.

Source: Steven Haulenbeek

Source: Steven Haulenbeek

Lets pray for some sun in London!  But if that doesnt happen, I am totally getting this trench and matching boots… okay, a girl can dream, right?

Source: Burberry London Ivybridge Trench

Source: Burberry


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