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I found this great DIY transformation from dated to chic.  For more pictures, go here.

I just think it is so cute!

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There are thousands of tiles available in every color, size, shape, and material you can imagine for a kitchen backsplash.  Needless to say, in order to know what you are looking for, there are several things to consider first.

Source: Silestone

One, what is the material of your countertop?  In my post here, I explain the pros and cons to granite as a countertop selection and what some other alternatives are.

If your kitchen countertop is indeed granite, stay far, far away from any patterned tile (unless of course your granite is solid black).  A beautiful quality of granite is that there is so much variation in color and vein texture but this is what also prevents any patterned tile backsplash from working with it.  Too much texture does not work together (this is not like mixing patterns with fabrics).  Keep it simple!

Source: sophisticatededge.com

The example above is exactly what I am talking about, this just does not look right…

If your countertop is another solid material, then you have much more flexibility with selecting a patterned tile as a backsplash.  This bright kitchen below is so fun!

Source: BHG

Another thing to consider when selecting a backsplash is what the color and material of the floor is.  If its a stone (i.e. slate, marble, travertine, etc.), then do what you did when selected the countertop and pull from the tones that are on the floor.  If the tones are the same, then the backsplash will work.  If the floor is wood, then use the countertop as a guide for tone.  Be careful if selecting a tile with a  “pop of color”, remeber this is pretty costlty to change in 10 years when lime green looks “dated” again (remember your grandmother’s kitchen?).

Source: HGTV

Source: BHG

Another alternative is to totally nix the backsplash tile and commit to carrying the granite all the way up the wall and using it in place of the backsplash!  This is what I have done in my own house and I think that it creates a seamless and clean look (and is also very easy to clean!).  

Below are some pictures of my own kitchen…

My Kitchen

My Kitchen

If you are stil unsure about how to make sure all the finishes in the kitchen work togehter, keep it simple!  Or contact me!

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Bubble Necklaces!

Okay, Okay, I know that this is an INTERIOR design blog but sometimes I just have to post about fashion too!  … Its still in the design realm, right?  Of course it is!

So I am sure that most of you have seen the J.Crew Bubble Necklaces, right?  We I am totally obsessed, thanks to one of my design coworkers.  Bad news, these little gems run about $150.  So anyway, we found a knockoff for about $15!  Now, all the girls I work with are buying them in difference colors, mine is in the dark navy blue… or it will be when I get it delivered…

Source: Amazon.com

What can I wear with it??

Here are some other fun colors and great outfits!







Had to share!  What color would you get?

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I posted recently about a collection of some gorgeous grey pillows; a very affordable and easy way to change up your room’s design and color scheme!  One more way to change up the color and texture in a room is the rug!!

Source: Arhaus

A little tip when selecting the right size for the room- the front two legs of all the main pieces of furniture need to be resting on the rug!  This way, the pieces all feel grounded and the space is defined as a seating area, dining area, sleeping area, etc… get it?

A room that either lacks a rug or has one that is too small can have a feeling of chaos, that all the pieces of furniture are just floating around the room.  The majority of the time, you will want an 8’x10′ rug for the space.  See my diagrams below for ideas. 

Here is another collection of some beautiful and hip grey rugs for inspiration! And of course, if you need help designing your own space, contact me!

Source: rug market “shire”

Source: jaipur “nuptse”

Source: momeni “vega”

Source: momeni “zara”

Source: rizzy home “galaxy”

Source: rug market “antoinete”

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