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This is the first of many…


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I think it is so important to have the right amount of lighting in every room.  For me, this means, task lighting, direct, indirect, and accent lighting.  A little Design 101 for everybody:

pendant-lighting diagram

Anyway, now that we have that covered, lighting doesn’t have to be boring… check out these unique, fun, and colorful ways to brighten a space.

Source: furnitureanddesign.com

This is just too cute.

Source: Shades of Light

Love the candy colors, so freash!  Source: Foundry, Moooi Rabbit Lamp

Source: inhabit.com

This is so elegant.

Source: Hometone, Bolla Floor Lamp

Here are some pictures of unique light fixtures I have taken from several different restaurants that I found in my phone today-

This was taken at Guarapo in Arlington, VA

This was also taken at Guarapo in Arlington, VA

This was taken at a restaurant in Reston Town Center, I can't remember which one though!

In the picture below, I just love the massive scale of the pendant hanging in the restaurant at the hotel, its so dramatic!

This was taken at the Sofitel Luxury Hotel in Chicago, IL at Christmas time.

So below are some pictures I took when I was in Italy last April…

this was in a park in Florence

beautiful chandelier outside of a hotel in Rome

wall sconce outside of St.Peter's Cathedral in Rome

hand blown glass in Venice

hand blown glass in Venice

hand blown Merano glass in Venice

How do you brighten your home?

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So I have a complete obsession with Ikat (it’s really pronounced Ecot!).  The print is so bold and looks amazing in any color way, its also so easy to mix with other bold prints so don’t be afraid!  It makes me feel like summer is just around the corner, everywhere I go I see it!  I have also learned that its one of those things that people either love or hate though… I LOVE it!

Source: Madeline Weinrib

I just love these bright colors with the black contrast, so yummy.

Source: HGTV Dream Home 2012

The blue and silver Ikat on these dining chairs bring up the formality of this very casual country Dining Room.

Source: HGTV Dream Home 2012

Even in fashion!  I want one…

Source: J.Crew

I recently designed these two custom kidney pillows in a bright Ikat to sit on these custom chairs in a wine color crocodile embossed leather for a client of mine, turned out gorgeous.

Cook project, Design byLauren Racowsky

Cook project, Design by Lauren Racowsky

I love how the Ikat pillows on the chairs tie in the oranges, purples, and creams of the custom pillows we did on her sofa.

So whats your take?  Do you love or leave it?

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Lets get started with this… I am completely new at this and definitely stepping a little outside of my comfort zone…. so with that being said, I am totally excited to share with you the things that inspire me most!  As an interior designer in the DC area, there is tons of competition and finding new ways to set myself apart from them can be a bit challenging at times.

Source: Unknown

I have grown up in a pretty hectic world; moving from AZ across the country to MA at 12 and seeing snow for the first time, growing up as a triplet with two brothers (try living in a world with all guys, and yes, I did make them play Barbies with me),  and having a British mother is definitely fun too (tea and crumpets anyone?).  Needless to say, life has been fun so far and has definitely helped to shape me in the designer I am today.

I have an affinity for color, dogs, and to travel (and yes, my wish list is pretty long) so don’t be surprised if these things make it into my posts regularly.   My goal with this blog is to open you up to my world, to bring to you the pictures that I cherish, love, and am inspired by the most.  As a designer the most important thing to being successful is to be able to see things from new perspectives and to be able to create a vision your clients can’t; after all, if they could do what we do we would be S.O.L, right?

My boys, Chance and Rambo

With all of that being said, this is a collection of my inspiration- pictures I have gathered from my travels, from my research, my boredom, and just everyday experiences.  Think of this blog as more as a photo album, a visual journal if you will, and I hope you are just as inspired as I am!

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